Another day, another reboot announcement. Lakeshore Entertainment have hired CORY GOODMAN (Priest) to write the reboot to the Vampire/Lycan action franchise UNDERWORLD.

The original film was directed by LEN WISEMAN (Total Recall, Live Free Or Die Hard) and starred his wife KATE BECKINSALE (Pearl Harbor) in the lead as the Vampire heroine ‘Selene’. The film was followed up by one prequel and two sequels, the most recent being 2012’s ‘Underworld: Awakening’ which took in $160 million worldwide.

No official words yet on if this will be a full-on REBOOT or a continuation of the series with a new lead.

In my honest opinion, Beckinsale definitely have a few more ‘Underworld’ left in her. The conclusion of ‘Awakening’ left it open for the adventure to continue with ‘Selene’ and her hybrid daughter. So why not continue the series and have the daughter eventually take over the lead instead of going for a full-on reboot?

If Mila Jovovich can make six ‘Resident Evil’ films, I do not see why Beckinsale can not make a few more ‘Underworld’ flicks. Stop it with the reboots already! Give the fans a continuation of the series and bring back SCOTT SPEEDMAN as ‘Michael Corvin’! What do you guys think? Leave your comments below!

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter



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