UPDATE: Another NEW trailer is here!

UPDATE: Check out the latest trailer for THE MERCENARY: ABSOLUTION!

Check out the trailer for THE MERCENARY: ABSOLUTION starring STEVEN SEAGAL (Under Siege), BYRON MANN (Street Fighter: The Movie), and VINNIE JONES (X-Men: The Last Stand)!

SYNOPSIS: When an ex-operative is recruited by his old boss to assassinate an Afghan drug dealer, he begins to suspect a link between a drug smuggling operation, a sex trafficking ring and the US Government. A mercenary is recruited by his old boss to take out an Afghan drug dealer named Kamaal. His old boss is concerned that he may try to sell information on the fact that profits from heroin in the world are being split between the powerful families in Afghanistan and the most powerful and secret groups in the US. The operative meets two victims of human trafficking and is convinced that Kamaal and the sex trafficking is somehow linked.



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