Action maestros, director JOHN WOO (Hard Boiled, Face/Off) and TSUI HARK (Once Upon A Time In China series) will be collaborating on TWO NEW action films in the vein of A BETTER TOMORROW. When asked about the project, John Woo said:

Tsui Hark and I both cherish the times when we used to work together and would like to rekindle our working relationship. We’d like to make two films together, in the spirit of A Better Tomorrow. At this point, we’re just thinking about the script and have no concrete dates for shooting. But this is something we’re both looking forward to.

SOURCE: Jaynestars



    • These two directors does bring out the BEST in JCVD in terms of ACTION: Woo’s HARD TARGET and Hark’s DOUBLE TEAM. It would be great if they would work with JCVD again.


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