Have a look at a couple of new posters for the upcoming origin story of the prince of darkness, DRACULA BEGINS….oh wait…I mean DRACULA UNTOLD!


‘Dracula Untold’ is directed by GARY SHORES and stars LUKE EVANS (Fast & Furious 6) as “a man who fights for his people and his family but makes a dark pact to ensure their protection. This pact sets him on a path into the supernatural until he becomes the legendary monster we all know.”

The film is set to be release on October 17th.

After tackling ‘Dracula’, Evans will rise from the dead in the reboot of THE CROW.


How do you think Evans will do stepping into the late Brandon Lee’s shoes to play ‘The Crow’? Comment below!

SOURCE: ComingSoon.net

UPDATE: NEW TRAILER have been release!

SOURCE: Latino Review



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