From director Li Liming (Ip Man: Kung Fu Master) comes yet again another Ip Man adventure titled Young Ip Man starring Zhao Wenhao (The Destiny of White Snake).

Synopsis: After an escaped convict infiltrates his school and holds all the students for ransom, a young Ip Man confronts the kidnappers head on. However, he soon finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy involving local authorities as well as some of the last people he would ever have expected to be part of the heinous plot.

The film also stars Mou Fengbin, Li Haoxuan, Shao Xia, Shi Yuqing, Tong Xiaohu, and Xi Erzhati.

Young Ip Man debuts on Hi-YAH! streaming service April 28th and lands on Blu-ray & DVD May 16th.



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