Black Bear and BlockFilm has launched tentpole actioner, Levon’s Trade, on the eve of AFM, starring Jason Statham (Expend4bles). The film will reunite Statham with The Beekeeper (2024) David Ayer (Suicide Squad) from a screenplay adapted by Sylvester Stallone (The Expendables franchise) from the hugely successful novel Levon’s Trade by renowned comic author Chuck Dixon (Batman). The book is the first of eleven in the best-selling Levon Cade series.

David Ayer and Chris Long (The Beekeeper) will produce for Cedar Park Entertainment, alongside Jason Statham for Punch Palace Productions (The Beekeeper), Sylvester Stallone for Balboa Productions, John Friedberg (The Covenant) for Black Bear and Bill Block (Wrath of Man) for BlockFilm, and the project is set to start filming in London in March 2024.

The film follows Levon Cade (Statham) who left his “profession” behind him to go straight and work in construction. He wants to live a simple life and be a good father to his daughter. But when his boss’s teenage daughter Jenny vanishes, he’s called upon to re-employ the skills that made him a legendary figure in the shadowy world of black ops. His hunt for the missing college student takes him deep into the heart of a sinister criminal conspiracy creating a chain reaction that will threaten his new way of life.

Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Black Bear



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