Legendary action star Chuck Norris (The Expendables 2) is set to return to headline the action thriller Agent Recon.

Starring alongside Norris are Marc Singer (Beastmaster, V) and Derek Ting (Agent Revelation), who also writes and directs. The film follows Alastair (Norris), the commander of a covert Earth security task force, calls upon super-powered rookie Jim (Ting) to go on a mission led by battle-hardened Colonel Green (Singer) and his seasoned marines to track a mysterious energy disturbance at a base in New Mexico suspected of experimenting on alien technology. When the team encounters an unknown being of not only extraordinary strength and speed, but also the ability to control mindless warriors, the trio must fight through unstoppable hordes to uncover the truth behind the hostile alien fortress and prevent humanity’s demise.

Quiver Distribution plans to release Agent Recon in North America in 2024.

Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Deadline



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