UPDATE: The official Trailer is here!

Vertical Entertainment has acquired U.S. rights to Chief of Station directed by Jesse V. Johnson (Boudica: Queen of War).

The film stars Aaron Eckhart (The Bricklayer) as Ben, a former CIA European Station Chief whose world comes crumbling down after his wife, a former operative, dies in a terrible accident. After receiving cryptic information that his wife’s death might not have been an accident, Ben heads back into the shadowy underworld of Eastern Europe, teaming up with a former adversary to unravel a conspiracy that challenges everything he thought he knew about his wife and the agency he worked at for more than 20 years.

Starring alongside Eckhart are Olga Kurylenko (Boudica: Queen of War), Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four), and Daniel Bernhardt (Extraction 2).

Chief of Station is set for domestic release in May 3rd.

SOURCE: Deadline



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