Director, producer, and actor Maria Tran has just announced that crowdfunding has begun for a prequel and sequel to her independent actioner Echo 8.

A prequel titled Five by Five and a sequel Echo 8 Beyond will round out the Echo 8 Trilogy that revolves around an assassin named Echo 8 who infiltrates a house for a mission and finds out some secrets hit close to home.

Five by Five is about the antagonist’s descent into chaos within Zodiac’s ranks. The tone is serious, dark, and gritty in the vein of The Hunger Games meets The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Echo 8 Beyond is about Echo 8/Anna living off-grid, protecting her mother from afar until a group of misfits foils her identity. The tone is witty, fast-paced similar to Guardians of the Galaxy meets Black Widow.

If you like to show your support for independent filmmakers, please donate to the Echo 8 Trilogy crowdfunding HERE.




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