International martial arts star Yayan Ruhian (Boy Kills World) has been cast as the main villain in the upcoming Korean actioner Ji directed by Pedring Lopez (Maria).

The project will be produced by the Philippines’ Black Ops Studios Asia and Singapore’s Very Tay Media, and co-produced by Asia Media Alliance.

The film follows Jin Eun-Ji, a reclusive leader of the Yong Syndicate in South Korea. When a rival syndicate kidnaps her mother in an attempt to lure her out and destroy the Yong’s seat of power, she must embark on a violent rescue mission against very power-hungry Indonesian gangs at the behest of Manila’s most ruthless crime lords, and bring her mother home.

“It is more than just an action movie, it is a heartwarming mother-daughter rescue story,” said Lopez.

John Radel, Chief Executive of Asia Media Alliance, has signed on as Producer and Director of Photography. The rest of the producing team includes Alaric Tay of Very Tay Media, Rex Lopez of Black Ops Studios Asia & PsyOps8, Hoo Wee Tay of Asia Media Alliance, and Hong Kong based Mike Leeder (Triple Threat). Leeder is also Head of Casting, while U.S based Vera Chow (The Brothers Sun) will be Costume Designer. Pawas Sawatchaiyamet (Monkey Man) from Thailand will head Production Design.

With a soon-to-be-announced Korean star leading the cast and a myriad of multinational Asian talents from across the world in front and behind the camera, Ji is a one-of-a-kind undertaking that will stretch the capabilities of some of Asia’s most trailblazing action connoisseurs and inspire the sensibilities of a new generation of audiences.

“Now is the perfect time for our region to bring thrilling, innovative content to the world. Exciting times are ahead as we showcase the best of Southeast Asia!” said Radel.

Filming is set to start rolling later this year.

SOURCE: Mike Leeder



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