UPDATE: Trailer #2 is here featuring the re-edit of Sonic!

How do you feel about the changes? Does Sonic look much closer to his video game counterpart? Comment below!

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming negative reaction from fans regarding Sonic’s design, director Jeff Fowler took to Twitter to reassure that the studio will make the necessary corrections to make Sonic perfect for his live-action debut.

However, the redesign process is taking longer than expected, which will push the initial release date back three months to Valentine’s Day 2020.

UPDATE: The first Trailer is here!

A Poster (above) has been released for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Sega’s hit video game Sonic The Hedgehog.

Directed by Jeff Fowler and produced by Neal H. Moritz (The Fast & The Furious), Toru Nakahara, Takeshi Ito, and executive produced by Tim Miller (Deadpool), the film features Ben Schwartz as the voice of ‘Sonic’.

The live-action actors is led by James Marsden (X-Men), Natasha Rothwell, Tika Sumpter, Neal McDonough, Adam Pally and Jim Carrey (Kick-Ass 2) as villain ‘Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik’.

‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ opens in theaters November 8, 2019.

Stay tuned for the first Trailer.




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