UPDATE: Check out the latest Trailer for The Rescue below!

The film will hit theaters in North America, UK, Australia and New Zealand on December 18, 2020.

UPDATE: After being long delayed due to the current pandemic, The Rescue is finally set to hit theaters in China during Chinese New Year 2021.

Director Dante Lam (Operation Mekong) re-teams once again with Eddie Peng (Call Of Heroes) for the big-budget action thriller The Rescue.

Boasting one of the biggest budgets ever for a Chinese film at $100 million, the stunt- and pyrotechnic-filled spectacle features an A-list Hollywood production team that includes Academy Award-winning cinematographer Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Forbidden Kingdom), production designer Martin Laing (Titanic, Clash of the Titans) and special effects supervisor John Frazier (Spider-Man, Transformers). The Rescue’s epic visuals were achieved through some of the world’s leading digital effects companies including Scanline VFX (Avengers, Godzilla), Digital Domain (Avengers: Endgame, Ready Player One) and Macrograph VFX (The Wandering Earth, Operation Red Sea). In addition to filming on location in China, additional shooting took place at Mexico’s Baja Studios, where the production team utilized the same facilities as Titanic for the movie’s large scale underwater sequences.

The Rescue is the first film to showcase the China Rescue & Salvage (CRS), a lesser-known division of the Chinese Coast Guard. Founded in 1951, the unit is charged with responding to all maritime emergencies on Chinese waters, which range from shipwreck salvage missions to marine firefighting. After learning about the CRS five years ago, Lam became determined to bring the stories of these unsung heroes to the big screen in a very big way.



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