UPDATE: Check out the latest brand new trailer over at VIMEO now!

SYNOPSIS: ONE MILLION K(L)ICKS is a high impact German language martial arts movie which follows Mike Moeller’s character, a well meaning if belligerent fighter who finds himself drawn into the world of an underground martial arts tournament. He soon learns that money and glory mean nothing when your life is on the line for the entertainment of viewers streaming the fights across the Internet.

English trailer for German action flick ONE MILLION K(L)ICKS starring martial arts stuntman MIKE MOELLER (Arena Of The Street Fighter)!

The film is produced by MIKE LEEDER, who along with Moeller, worked on the upcoming JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME action thriller POUND OF FLESH. Do not forget to check out our exclusive interview with ‘Pound Of Flesh’ fight choreographer JOHN SALVITTI (Special ID) HERE.



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