UPDATE: Check out the official teaser Poster for Blowback below!

From director Tibor Takács (The Gate) comes the action thriller Blowback starring Randy Couture (The Expendables), Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down) and Louis Mandylor (Debt Collectors).

Currently in production, the project is written by Kevin Yarris and Robert Edward Thomas, produced by Elias Axume (Premiere Entertainment Group) and Al Bravo (Al Bravo Films), and executive produced by Carlos Rincon, Matthew Helderman and Luke Taylor (BondIt Media Capital).

Synopsis: After planning a perfect bank heist, Nick is ready to score. One problem, his girl and his crew (led by Jack) have other ideas. They double-cross him and take Nick down in a hail of bullets but Nick doesn’t die and in a race for his life, seeks revenge one target at a time.

This is the second production from Elias Axume and Al Bravo following home invasion action-thriller The Commando which was recently shot in November in New Mexico and stars Mickey Rourke, Michael Jai White, and Jeff Fahey. Premiere Entertainment has also recently produced female action-thrillers Night of the Sicario starring Natasha Henstridge) and Locked In starring Mena Suvari and Jeff Fahey, which are both being released in select theaters and on VOD via Paramount and Saban on April 16th and May 7th respectively.



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