Australian-Vietnamese independent filmmaker Maria Tran (Tracer) through her production company Phoenix Eye in association with Diversity Arts Australia’s program “I am not a Virus” have just released their trailer for short action-comedy film Operation Kung Flu as response to the race related global attacks on Asians.

Synopsis: When a cop from the eighties wakes up in the year of the COVID pandemic, she finds that racism is rampant and justice is scarce. She is sent on a mission to rescue a group of Asians who have been kidnapped by ASS-HOLs—an organization hell-bent on stopping the spread of the virus by resorting to extreme measures… and Kung Fu.

The film features an entourage of Asian-Australian actors including Gabrielle Chan (SBS’ Hungry Ghosts), Joy Hopwood (ABC’s Playschool), Joe June (Ch. 7’s Fat Pizza), Takashi Hara (Echo 8) and newcomers Quyen Chung and Ross Page.

Special guests include action actress and world champion martial artist Sarah Chang (Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybrids, The Monkey King), and Melbourne-born but currently LA based actor Chris Pang (Crazy Rich Asians, Charlie’s Angels). 

Operation Kung Flu is currently in post-production and Maria and the team are rushing this film to the finishing line to be part of the widespread activism happening across the world as well as a physical launch through Diversity Arts Australia in mid-April. 

“Stop Asian Hate” and stay tuned.



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