UPDATE: According to DiscussingFilm, martial arts legend Jackie Chan (Ride On) is in talks to return for the new Karate Kid movie. It is expected that Chan would be reprising his role as Mr. Han from 2010’s The Karate Kid. The new film will be directed by Jonathan Entwistle (I Am Not Okay With This).

Stay tuned for confirmation.

SOURCE: DiscussingFilm

Sony Pictures has greenlit a new Karate Kid movie that “would return to the original Karate Kid franchise”. However, for those hoping this project is a continuation of the highly popular Netflix series Cobra Kai, you will be disappointed.

According to one of the creators of Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz, the new film has no connection to the series and the creators are not involved.

It seems like Sony wants the Karate Kid franchise to continue across different platforms, on both televisions with Cobra Kai and the big screen in a new film series.

The new film is scheduled to hit theaters on June 7, 2024

SOURCE: Jon Hurwitz Twitter



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