Martial arts superstar DONNIE YEN recently did an interview at the London Film Festival regarding KUNG FU JUNGLE, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON 2, IP MAN 3, and the possibility of a ‘Chinese’ EXPENDABLES with JACKIE CHAN and JET LI! Check out the interview below:

He did confirm that he “casually” spoke to Jackie about doing their version of the ‘Expendables’ with a collection of action stars from Hong Kong. Jackie even joked that they should do it if Donnie can convince JET LI into joining them. Nothing have seriously moved forward after that conversation, but Donnie does believe that it is a very “brilliant” idea and we should leave it to “destiny” to see if the dream project can become a reality. So technically…we still have HOPE!

Who would you cast to join the dynamic trio of Donnie, Jackie, and Jet in a ‘Chinese’ Expendables film? Comment below!



  1. A chinese expendables movie cast should be, Donnie yen, Jackie chan and wu jing as the leaders alone with andy lau, yuen biao, sammo hung, jet li, Chow yun fat, Bai Bing, Louis Koo, Collin Chou, anthony Wong, Simon Yam. Peter Ho, Nicholas Tse, Philip Ng, Ekin Cheng, Andy On, Aaron Kwok, Danny Chan, Hu Jun

  2. If Chinese Expendables will push thru.. this gonna be a one hell of a thrill ride with smok’n kicks, punch and a twist of mixed martial arts… for sure, this will bully the Hollywood action movies. COOLNESS & AWESOMENESS in one!!!


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