A live-action feature film adaptation of the classic manga series City Hunter is coming to Netflix.

Japanese star Ryohei Suzuki (Tokyo MER) is set to portry Ryo Saeba, with filmmaker Yuichi Sato (Kisaragi) signed on to direct. The original manga was created by Tsukasa Hojo and is centered on Ryo Saeba, a gun-for-hire living in the Tokyo metropolis, who will take on any dangerous job as long as it involves beautiful women. Martial arts fans will remember a Hong Kong adaptation of the manga back in 1993 starring Jackie Chan.

With a screenplay written by Tatsuro Mishima (Yu Yu Hakusho), the new live-action adaptation will see Ryo’s partner Makimura being killed as he and Makimura’s sister Kaori team up to find out the truth, thus forming a new duo.

City Hunter is targeted to hit Netflix sometime in 2024.




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