UPDATE: The official synopsis for New Police Story 2 has been released.

“Following the murder of the Commissioner of Police, Inspector Cheng Siu-Fung (Nicholas Tse) and Chief Superintendent Chan Kwok-Wing (Jackie Chan) faced Joe Kwan (Daniel Wu) again, the main antagonist from the first movie who was arrested twenty years ago. Joe Kwan subsequently sought revenge after being released from prison and uses the media in his favour to humiliate the police force, which in turn, damaged the reputation of these once-esteemed police officers. Will the two police officers manage to overcome the crisis?”


Emperor Motion Pictures officially announced at FilmArt 2023 that a sequel to 2004’s New Police Story is coming!

Nicholas Tse (Raging Fire) is set to make his directorial debut for New Police Story 2. Tse will also be returning to star in the film alongside Jackie Chan (Ride On), Charlene Choi (The Goldfinger) and Daniel Wu (American Born Chinese).

The script is written by Ronald Chan Kin-Hung (Enter the Fat Dragon) with Chan also serving as producer.

Stay tuned as we learn more about the sequel. In the meantime, take a look back at the original film below.



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