Mandarin Motion Pictures just announced three upcoming Donnie Yen (John Wick: Chapter 4) projects at the Cannes market including Ip Man 5, a long awaited sequel to 2007’s Flashpoint, Flashpoint Resurgence, and a fresh new project titled Misjudgement.

It is quite a surprise that a 5th installment of Ip Man was announced since 2019’s Ip Man 4: The Finale was literally marketed as the final chapter in the franchise in addition to Ip Man passing away due to cancer by the end of the film.

As for Flashpoint Resurgence, a sequel to the 2007’s fan favorite was rumored back in 2016 when we interviewed Donnie Yen himself during his press tour for Ip Man 3:

MAAC: Since you were unable to do SPL 2, do you have any plans to do a sequel to any of your other popular contemporary action flicks? Perhaps a follow-up to Flashpoint?

Donnie Yen: Yes, I will be producing Flashpoint 2.

After 7 long years, die-hard martial arts fans are finally getting a follow-up to one of Yen’s best contemporary actioner. No directors has been announced for any of the three projects, but lets cross our fingers that Ip Man franchise director Wilson Yip (Flashpoint) will also be back to take the helm.

Stay tuned!



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