Martial arts action legend Jackie Chan (Hidden Strike) stars in the upcoming action comedy Panda Plan from mainland Chinese filmmaker Zhang Luan (Song of Youth) and produced by Mandarin Motion Pictures and Wishart Media Co.

The project was announced during Tokyo’s TIFFCOM content market and will make its sales debut at the American Film Market in Los Angeles next week.

The film follows a rare baby panda with a dark circle around just one eye, who becomes a worldwide sensation when he’s born at China’s Noah Zoo. But when a Middle Eastern tycoon dispatches international mercenaries to kidnap the zoo’s baby pandas, Chan, playing a version of himself as an international action star, is forced to get involved in a rescue mission.

Co-starring alongside Chan are Shi Ce (Hi, Mom), Wei Xiang (Full River Red) and Han Yanbo (The Super Family).

Stay tuned.




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