From the action stunt crew Z TEAM consisting of FABIEN GARCIA, brothers LOHAN and DIDIER BUSON, and JESS ALLEN, comes the crew’s spectacular full-length feature debut DIE FIGHTING.

The film follows the four leads (playing exaggerated versions of themselves) being forced to act in their own ‘reality film’ by the mysterious ‘Filmmaker’ who have captured their significent others as blackmail. If they do not do exactly what the ‘Filmmaker’ have planned in the script, their loved ones will die. Ranging from encountering a Drug Lord to surviving a warehouse shootout, mayhem erupts and a whole lot of martial arts ASS-KICKING is displayed!


‘Die Fighting’ can best be describe as a unqiue blend of found footage style filming ala ‘Cloverfield’/’Chronicle’ and the sadistic game of ‘Saw’ with hard hitting martial arts action.

The acting in the film is really nothing to brag about. Do not get me started with the actress who played Garcia’s girlfriend. She literally sounded like she was reading the script. The guys on the other hand really do try, but there is only so much they can do considering there is so little character development to get the viewers to care and sympathize with them.


Even though the acting is not up to par (which we can cut them some slack since this IS their FIRST film), ACTION is what we are watching this film for. The simplicity of the plot is really just a way to showcase the awesome fight scenes in different scenerios. The film got EVERYTHING a martial arts movie fan would want: a group fight with a bunch of BLACK BELTS? Check. Drunken Fist style beat down? Check. Warehouse shoot-out? Check. One on one badassery? Check.


The Z Team brought their A-game when it comes to action. They do what they do best and the standout of the bunch is director and lead actor FABIEN GARCIA. The man can fight, and he does it with such punctual accuracy and swiftness. His movement and style reminds me of a combination of CYRIL RAFFAELLI (Kiss Of The Dragon, District 13) and BRAD ALLAN (Gorgeous). Every punch, every kick is enhanced by Garcia’s awesome camera work. Despite this being a ‘found footage’ style film, it was cleverly shot with very minimal “shakey cam”. Every shot of action is filmed with clarity showing exactly what the fight choreographer intended the viewers to see.


Fans of the genre have all seen the whole ‘one vs multiple black belts’ fight scenes before such as JET LI in ‘Kiss Of The Dragon’/’Fist Of Legend’ and DONNIE YEN in ‘Ip Man’. However, Garcia’s version is one of the many highlights of the film, putting it right up there on the BADASS mantle right next to those martial arts classics.

To simply put it, ‘Die Fighting’ deliver the goods. From the jaw-dropping action to the twisted surprise of an ending, it would be a crime for any martial arts action fan to miss this one. I can only imagine what the Z TEAM can come up with next, and I CAN NOT WAIT!

PLOT: 2.5/5



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