UPDATE: MAAC can exclusively confirm that Martial Club member and Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) star Brian Le (The Brothers Sun) has officially joined the cast of The Furious!

Le fits right into this amazing ensemble cast that are bound to deliver the most highly anticipated martial arts actioner in years!

Check out the clip below to see a glimpse of what Le is capable of.

SOURCE: Brian Le

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) producer Bill Kong (Fearless) and director Kenji Tanigaki (Enter the Fat Dragon) are set to team up for the martial arts actioner The Furious. The film will feature an all star cast featuring Xie Miao (Eye for an Eye), Joe Taslim (Warrior), Jeeja Yanin (Chocolate) and Yayan Ruhian (Boy Kills World).

Kong’s Edko Films is financing and producing with XYZ Films producing and handling world sales (excluding China, Hong Kong and Macau).

The film follows Miao as simple tradesman Konggu. As his daughter is snatched off the street, he fights his way through a complex web of criminals in a frantic attempt to win her back by any means necessary. His only ally is tireless journalist Navin (Taslim). The two men from utterly different backgrounds must learn to trust, collaborate and draw on combat skills from their own hidden pasts.

“I’m going to do an action movie that rocks the world. And to prove that Hong Kong still has something to give the film industry. I want to show that Asian people can still make an action movie that is better than the rest of the world. Through this film, I want us to discover the new Yuen Woo-ping, the new Sammo Hung and the new Donnie Yen,” Kong tells Variety.

“I’m not interested in making actors who cannot move look as if they can. Our cast has real skills from different martial arts disciplines. Everything we are doing is going to be practical,” added Tanigaki.

The English language action thriller already started production in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this week.

Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Variety




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