UPDATE: Check out the brand new TV Spot showcasing the team with spankin’ new footage!

UPDATE: Two more character posters featuring ELIZABETH OLSEN as ‘Scarlet Witch’ and AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON as ‘Quicksilver’!

avengersageofultronscarletwitchjpg-52a914_624w avengersageofultronquicksilverjpg-57ab69_624w

UPDATE: The latest trailer is HERE! Get ready for a nerdgasm!

UPDATE: Continuing the character poster updates, today we got the leader of the Avengers CHRIS EVANS as ‘Captain America’!


UPDATE: Here is another character poster featuring JEREMY RENNER as ‘Hawkeye’!


UPDATE: Here are three more NEW character posters featuring SCARLETT JOHANSSON as ‘Black Widow’, CHRIS HEMSWORTH as ‘Thor’, and SAMUEL L. JACKSON as ‘Nick Fury’!

11024221_867328359991838_5359143733559274330_o 1911255_867328356658505_6445154888051535870_o 741321_867328353325172_4808702934844764937_o

UPDATE: NEW character poster featuring the ‘Hulk’! Stay tuned in the coming week for the rest of the ‘Avengers’!


UPDATE: ROBERT DOWNEY JR. just shared on his official Facebook page a new character poster featuring ‘Iron Man’!


Downey also teased all his fans with this message: “And don’t tell ’em I told you, but there’s a big announcement coming in 8 days… Shhhhhhh… ‪#‎getexcited‬”

Stay tuned guys! My ‘spidey senses are tingling’ for the big reveal on May 5th!

UPDATE: Check out the NEW Poster below which reveals in the credits that ANTHONY MACKIE aka ‘Falcon’, HAYLEY ATWELL aka ‘Agent Peggy Carter’, and IDRIS ELBA aka ‘Heimdall’ will be making appearances in the film!


UPDATE: Brand NEW T.V. Spot!

UPDATE: Trailer #2 is HERE!

UPDATE: NEW Extended Trailer featuring some new footage!

UPDATE: Check out the EXTENDED FIRST LOOK for AVENGERS: AGE OF UTLRON that was aired tonight during AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.!

UPDATE: Ok, that was QUICK! The TEASER TRAILER is available for your viewing pleasure NOW!

One word: WOW.

The first TEASER TRAILER for MARVEL’S AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON will debut during next week’s episode of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D on Tuesday, October 28 at 9:00pm ET/PT!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these leaked images of Tony Stark’s HULKBUSTER ARMOR and the villain ULTRON via ScreenRant.com:



Joining the original cast this time is JAMES SPADER as villain ‘Ultron’, DON CHEADLE as ‘James Rhodes’ aka ‘War Machine’, and ‘Godzilla’ duo AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON and ELIZABETH OLSEN as ‘Quicksilver’ and ‘Scarlet Witch’.

The Avengers will once again assemble on May 1, 2015!

Stay tuned for updates on the online version of the teaser trailer!


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