Check out the Trailer for the action-thriller I AM WRATH starring JOHN TRAVOLTA (Face/Off)!

SYNOPSIS: Stanley Hill (John Travolta) is an honest, unemployed family man struggling to get by in by. With his savings gone, Stanley’s willing to uproot his life to make a living for his family. He travels out of state to find work, and it looks like he may see a ray of sunshine: a potential job in California that will turn his life around.

His loving wife Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay) is so excited, that she plans a romantic celebration and picks Stanley up at the airport the moment he returns. But after a brief reunion in the airport garage, a horrifying act of violence destroys their lives. A trio of drug addict punks attacks them and murders Stanley’s beloved Vivian. And his reason for living.

Stanley is a broken man, wracked with grief and guilt. Stanley withdraws from family, including his daughter, Abbie (Amanda Schull). He cannot even find the strength to stay for the entire funeral. After police Detective Gibson (Sam Trammell) and Det. Walker (Asante Jones) fail to lock up the obvious suspect Charlie (Luis Da Silva Jr.) on a technicality, Stanley has lost faith in justice and himself.

After reflecting on his love for Vivian and finding the source of his pain, Stanley realizes there IS something to live for: Revenge. Stanley methodically turns himself into an urban warrior, and partners up with his former Special Op-turned-barber best friend, Dennis (Christopher Meloni), to track down Vivian’s killer.

Stanley digs up his weapons and regains his tactical skills, readying himself to wage war on the men who took his wife away. Through the fistfights and gun battles, Stanley finds exacting vengeance is easier and more enjoyable than he imagined.

Violence is a vicious cycle, and Stanley has now made him a target of a ruthless drug dealer, Lemi K (Paul Sloan). Lemi K and the unlawful detectives Gibson and Walker try to stop Stanley before he exposes a bigger corruption headhunted by the Govenor John Meserve, (Patrick St. Esprit), who is also Vivian’s boss. It was Gov. Meserve who is responsible for Vivian’s death, as she was beginning to uncover the truth about his immoral in-office actions.

Now, with cops and criminals closing in, Stanley has one last night to make things right and make everyone pay. Stanley might not survive. But they will all feel his WRATH.

The film is directed by CHUCK RUSSELL (The Scorpion King, Eraser) and is set to hit VOD on April 15th and in theaters on May 13th.



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