UPDATE: Get a taste of the action in the fight clip below!

UPDATE: Latest Trailer!

UPDATE: Despite being critically panned by critics and Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, ‘Birth Of The Dragon’ have found distribution partners in BH TILT and WWE STUDIOS. The two studios will be responsible for the film’s North American theatrical release on August 25th.

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UPDATE: The FIRST Trailer is here!

UPDATE: Latest Posters have arrived!



UPDATE: Latest official images from the film have been released!



UPDATE: Take a look at these on-set images featuring PHILIP NG with fight choreographer COREY YUEN!



UPDATE: Have a look at the FIRST official poster and PHILIP NG on-set!



UPDATE: Martial arts star PHILIP NG have landed the role of ‘Bruce Lee’! The man definitely have the physical chops to pull off the role as audiences can see from his performance in ‘Once Upon A Time In Shanghai’.


Other confirmed cast members are YU XIA (Double Trouble) as Shaolin Master ‘Wong Jack Man’, BILLY MAGNUSSEN (Bridge Of Spies) as martial arts student ‘Steve McKee’, JINGJING QU (Ulterior Motive) as McKee’s love interest, and JIN XING as a ‘crime boss’.

Hong Kong veteran COREY YUEN (Rise Of The Legend) will be handling the action choreography.

Director GEORGE NOLFI (The Adjustment Bureau) stated: “’Birth of the Dragon’ is a rare opportunity to make an action film with rich characters based on real events and real people. It’s a story about people from the East and West transcending their differences to work together, which is obviously a very timely story.”

The film starts production in Vancouver TODAY.

Stay tuned for more details!

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UPDATE: Martial arts actor MIKE MOH, best known for his role as ‘Ryu’ in the successful web-series ‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist’, is officially in the runnings to play ‘Bruce Lee’!


Moh release this statement on his Official Facebook Page: “Hey everyone I am being considered for the role of Bruce Lee in the upcoming film “Birth of the Dragon”. I am confident that I’m the best man for the job. Please like,comment, and share if you agree! Let’s start a movement! ‪#‎mikemoh4brucelee‬”

How do you feel about Moh potentially playing Bruce Lee? He definitely have the physical martial arts skills to pull off the part.

UPDATE: Not to be confused with the OTHER ‘Bruce Lee’ biopic produced by Shannon Lee, THIS one will officially be called BIRTH OF THE DRAGON and a casting call have begun for “a young Bruce Lee between the ages of 20 to 30 years old. An experienced martial artist highly desired but not required.”

SOURCE: Project Casting

Director GEORGE NOLFI (The Adjustment Bureau) is set to helm a new BRUCE LEE biopic movie which will go into production early next year. Nolfi is known as the writer to such hits as ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’, ‘Ocean’s 12’, and ‘Need For Speed’.

The film will “tell the story of the legendary martial artist through the eyes of one of his students, Steve McKee. It will focus, in part, on Bruce Lee’s 1965 duel with famous kung fu master Wong Jack Man and the attempts all three men made to stem the influence the Triads had around San Francisco.”

The script is being handled by biopic veterans CHRISTOPHER WILKINSON and STEPHEN RIVELE, who also worked on ‘Nixon’ and ‘Ali’.

The last Bruce Lee biopic film, ‘Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story’ starring Jason Scott Lee was actually decent in terms of the acting and action. The beautiful score to the film was what made it so memorable to me. Hopefully this one will be even better.

There is no news on casting at the moment.

Who do you think should play Bruce Lee? Leave your suggestions below!

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  1. I think Donnie Yen should play the part of Bruce as his knowledge and philosophy of the martial arts are deeply influenced by Bruce. Also Bolo Yeung should appear as Bruce’s friend, since they truly know each other for a long time and were very close

  2. I’m a huge fan of Bruce Lee and to be honest, it’s not going to be easy to find to portray Bruce Lee’s role. The closest genuine Martial Arts actor that can pull this roll is Donnie Yen. However, if Donnie Yen will be selected, he needs to master the art of Jeet Kune Do. I would send Donnie Yen for a good year to study the art in Marina Del Rey, CA under the supervision of Guro Dan Inosanto who knew and practiced Jeet Kune Do with Bruce Lee all his life until the great master passed away.


    Looking forward to this.

  3. The only person that comes to mind right now today would be Donnie Yen. I also agree with Gus but don’t want to wait 2 years to see the movie. One year to learn Jeet Kune Do and Once to make films. Can’t wait!!

  4. I wish I could have an opportunity to play a role as Bruce has always been very influential and inspirational towards my life. I practise martial arts and I continuously try to apply his philosophy as a human being

  5. He would need to get more cuts. At least twice as much as I have. I have not seen any martial artists who has matched Bruce’s physique or speed.

  6. Oh boy , another attempt at a Bruce Lee ‘Biopic”. Honestly, the names mentioned in posts are not even close. No actor has come close to atleast capturing Lee’s charisma/attitude and essence let alone come near to his skills and physique. I think Attitude is very important in portraying Lee to pull it off. Meanwhile maybe a Bruce Lee CGI biopic might satisfy our demands. Then again, don’t hold your breath folks.

  7. I think philip ng is a very good choice for acting bruce lee. Reasons:
    Frist of all his style is based on the originally wing chun style of wong shun leung (which is the senior student of ip man, like bruce lee was).
    Philip was the student of wong shun leung since a kid and his wing chun skill is on a very high level. He is also teacher in choi lee fut (learned from his father) and he is also skilled in other martial arts.
    (Mike moh have no knowledge in wing chun. And Donnie yen just practice wing chun for the ip man movies)
    At that time when Bruce lee arrived the us, his fighting style was based on wing chun, before he developed hid own art jeet kun do.

    2. Looks and age.
    At that time when bruce was teaching martial arts, he was like before his 30s. Which match very well with philip ng now.
    Even when Donnie yens martial arts level is very high, i dont think he should play the role. Because he is already over his 50s.

    3. Acting
    Philip is a good actor in my opinion. Looks bad ass when u watched the movies, once upon a time in shanghai.

  8. I think Philip is a very good choice. He even looks a bit like Bruce when he has his hair like that. Even though I love Donnie Yen, and think that he’s the greatest, even I have to agree that he’s too old. He’s more than twenty years older than Bruce was when he died, and it’s obviously impossible, though Donnie looks a lot younger than he is. How anyone can suggest Jet Li is even more strange, since he looks a lot older than Donnie, and is far from the shape to play a role like that. It’s many years since he played a “real” MA role. Looking forward to see Philip Ng in the role of Bruce.

    When it comes to the family of Bruce it’s very understandable that they don’t want any new biopics about him. Since the man has become a myth, they certainly want to keep it that way. There were so many different rumours, doubts and speculations about his death, and they are probably scared that this will be exploited in a negative way. They have in fact been very negative every time when the topic of a movie has come up. Well, to be honest, in my opinion, let the man RIP, and let the living come out of his shadow. The man actually only took part in five Martial Art movies. How can all these people around the world still think of him as number one. The family surely wants to keep it that way. Of course, it’s because he died at 32. It’s the same as if you should say that Marilyn Monroe is the best actress ever or James Dean is the best actor ever, which isn’t true, but since they died young they became myths as well. RIP Bruce and RIP Brandon! Let the family be with their memories, and let this be the last film about the legend.

  9. The only reason I will watch this film is because COREY YUEN is the fight Choreographer other then that there is no reason for to see this movie


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