UPDATE: Check out the character Posters and Trailer #2 below!

UPDATE: The first Trailer is here!

UPDATE: First official images featuring TONY LEUNG CHIU WAI, KRIS WU, and DU JUAN!

UPDATE: Former UFC/MMA superstar CUNG LE (Bodyguards & Assassins) is reuniting with his ‘The Grandmaster’ co-star Tony Leung Chiu Wai in EUROPE RAIDERS.

Le recently shared a video of him goofing around on the set with co-star Jeeja Yanin via Twitter.

Director JINGLE MA (Tokyo Raiders, Seoul Raiders) is back to cap off his ‘Raiders’ franchise with EUROPE RAIDERS aka ‘Paris Raiders’. Produced by WONG KAR WAI (The Grandmaster), the film will see the return of TONY LEUNG CHIU WAI (The Grandmaster) as the gadget filled coat wearing ‘Detective Lam’. Joining him in the fun is none other than Thai martial arts star JEEJA YANIN (Chocolate).

Also starring in the film is KRIS WU (xXx: Return of Xander Cage), TIFFANY TANG (The Storm Warriors), and DU JUAN (Lost in Hong Kong).

Stay tuned for more details.

SOURCE: City On Fire




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