‘Mad Max’ FURIOSA Prequel In The Works Minus CHARLIZE THERON


Director George Miller confirmed a prequel to 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road is in developing that will focus on a young Furiosa in her 20s. Unfortunately, this means the 44 year old Charlize Theron will not be returning for the role. Miller stated:

“For the longest time, I thought we could just use CG de-aging on Charlize, but I don’t think we’re nearly there yet. Despite the valiant attempts on ‘The Irishman,’ I think there’s still an uncanny valley. Everyone is on the verge of solving it, particular Japanese video-game designers, but there’s still a pretty wide valley, I believe.

Miller plans to start production on the Furiosa movie after he completes his current project Three Thousand Years of Longing starring Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. 

Rumors are already swirling that Miller is eyeing Anya Taylor-Joy (The New Mutants) to take on the role of the younger Furiosa.

SOURCE: Variety


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