The teaser trailer for the third and final installment of the action fantasy trilogy ‘The Four’, THE FOUR 3D have been release!

Original cast members including COLLIN CHOU, ANTHONY WONG, DENG CHAO and CRYSTAL LIU will return to reprise their roles to battle the forces of evil in this finale.

The Four Three - 2

SYNOPSIS: The reputation of the Four constables survives, but since Emotionless’s (Crystal Liu Yifei) departure, there have been changes at the Divine Constabulary. The four Coldblood (Deng Chao), Iron Hands (Collin Chou), Life Snatcher (Ronald Cheng), rescue Zhuge Zhengwo (Anthony Wong) from An Yunshan’s mountain fortress, then with the Emperor and Di armies, they attack. But An Yunshan absorbs their power, which means the constables and their allies now face their most lethal opponent yet, a nearly invincible kung fu master who won’t stop until he has absolute power…

The Four Three - 4

THE FOUR 3D is set for release on August 22nd!

SOURCE: Film Combat Syndicate

UPDATE: NEW Full Trailer!



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