Martial arts action legend Jean-Claude Van Damme (The Last Mercenary) is set to star as himself in his final action film What’s My Name directed by Jeremy Zag.

The film follows Van Damme after being left in a coma following a serious car accident, he wakes up with amnesia, unrecognizable to everyone, including himself. Through a series of fights against iconic fighters from across his legendary career, Van Damme begins a quest for his own identity and life meaning. This leads him to one final match.

“I wanted to leave the stage but with a revisit of my career, starting with Bloodsport, the one where I started to become famous. I want this to be a new Bloodsport but on a higher level. In the film, I am on my way down in terms of career, and as I come out of a premiere of another action movie, I am not happy because I’ve been living in hotels the past 30 years, which is actually true. We’re going to bring real elements from my real life and what happened to me. I came from Belgium, all the way to Hollywood. I succeeded, I failed, I came back. So I’m walking out on the street after the premiere, and boom! — a car hits me because I’m drunk. When I wake up from the impact, I don’t know what’s my name, and no one recognizes me,” Van Damme told Deadline.

The film is said to feature Van Damme facing off against some of his most iconic former on-screen opponents. Nothing is confirmed, but is said that this will likely include Universal Soldier‘s Dolph Lundgren, Kickboxer‘s Michel Qissi, and Bloodsport‘s Bolo Yeung.

“We are getting all of the iconic people I fought and have most of them come back. All of the UFC fighters grew up watching my movies, and we will have some of those great champions as fighters, and some as managers like Randy Couture. We’ll have a great mix and the fights will have a real feel to them,” added Van Damme.

The plan is to shoot the film in Paris.

Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Deadline



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