UPDATE: Have a look at the latest set of character promo artworks!

12742361_194610220899257_3608271496279097459_n 12745913_194610277565918_3253715891673022231_n 12715767_194610317565914_1351906142974590339_n 12717443_194610550899224_4774585369294370626_n

12733392_194610487565897_7669454629685093404_n 12744088_194610414232571_3655411000535033496_n

UPDATE: FINAL Trailer is here!

UPDATE: Latest Banner Poster!


UPDATE: Singer COCO LEE returns to sing the theme song for the sequel alongside JAM HSIAO. Check out the all-new music video below! (Thanks to DANNY HO for the update.)



UPDATE: Have a look at the latest images below!


12645201_10153170692516571_2856096168736020678_n 12661930_10153170693011571_6737650663172236502_n 12644993_10153170693531571_3163359412737165507_n 12642880_10153170694841571_6875798371431535135_n

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UPDATE: Check out the latest character posters!

12439131_178503489176597_1814456140303887091_n 12631483_178503929176553_3685162159290699583_n 12507246_179065275787085_859502451726676227_n 1909970_179066019120344_8557259149191850897_n

Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon-The-Green-Legend_poster_goldposter_com_20-492x800 1470408_917499841632658_6930983278721327425_n 12642445_179615532398726_4451874683979915993_n 12631480_179616275731985_311270697819301868_n

UPDATE: Have a look at the new Banner Poster!



UPDATE: Latest set of Character Posters featuring DONNIE YEN, MICHELLE YEOH, HARRY SHUM JR., and NATASHA LIU BORDIZZO!

bb4120a4462309f7ae959c08750e0cf3d7cad639 131a90ef76c6a7ef4318983cfafaaf51f3de66fd 3cf7c3cec3fdfc035c99d2a2d33f8794a5c226d6 82cda7efce1b9d1672f9aa7bf4deb48f8c5464fd

UPDATE: The trailer galore continues with this latest one below!

Also have a look at these latest official images from the film. (Thanks to DANNY HO for the images.)


12508932_10153124581746571_6839365663588591423_n 12376614_10153124580226571_687917899821678296_n 535287_10153124580831571_560611485660330206_n 524804_10153124581271571_7985883507065633037_n

UPDATE: Check out the latest Chinese trailer and Hong Kong TV Spot below!

UPDATE: Have a look at the behind-the-scene video below! (Thanks to our friend DANNY HO for the update.)

UPDATE: Latest Character Posters featuring DONNIE YEN & MICHELLE YEOH!

10352599_958885244160906_907284728102471772_n Crouching-Tiger-2-Poster-4-630x1024 Crouching-Tiger-2-Poster-2-630x1024 Crouching-Tiger-2-Poster-3-630x1024

UPDATE: Check out the Chinese Trailer and Poster below!


UPDATE: The FIRST Trailer is finally here! Enjoy!


Mark your calenders. February 26th, 2016. Netflix.

UPDATE: The cover image for the tie-in ENGLISH LANGUAGE book based on the film have been released!


UPDATE: The title for the film have officially been changed to CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON 2: SWORD OF DESTINY.


UPDATE: After both Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Ronny Yu (Fearless) turned down the offer to helm the sequel, master YUEN WOO-PING (Iron Monkey) stepped up to the challenge. Woo-Ping spoke about the pressure and how long of a process it was to get the script just right for CTHD 2:

“I’m facing the challenge while understanding the difficulties. Although I know we made a classic before, I’m still willing to try. (Regarding the script) Americans don’t really understand Chinese inner feelings and emotion. I knew he (script writer John Fusco) did a lot of research, but it still wasn’t enough, and the story is flat. I had to get a Chinese script writer to help, to explore more depth in the inner core of Chinese emotions.”

Pegasus Media president SUN JIANJUN added that the script for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2” has been rewritten and edited around 10 times in 6 to 7 years, which led to the delay of the film.


This just shows how difficult it is to film a movie based off of a Chinese story entirely in English.

Stay tuned for a trailer soon!

SOURCE: China.org

UPDATE: Here are the new HI-RES images featuring MICHELLE YEOH as ‘Yu Shu Lien’ (above), DONNIE YEN as ‘Meng Si-Zhao’ aka ‘Silent Wolf’, HARRY SHUM JR. as ‘Tie-Fang’, and NATASHA LIU BORDIZZO as ‘Xue-Ping’ aka ‘Snow Vase’!

12032177_1699073890328720_8242470280876862210_n 12011289_1699073873662055_4213473239033891182_n 11996907_1699073896995386_3685377909410712994_n

UPDATE: New official images have emerged (thanks to our good friend DANNY HO) featuring DONNIE YEN and MICHELLE YEOH!


A press conference for the film was held at Huairou District, Beijing with the attendance of Director YUEN WOO-PING, producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN and BEY LOGAN, Netflix and China’s Pegasus Media representitives, and cast members JASON SCOTT LEE, NATASHA LIU BORDIZZO, and JUJU CHAN. Both DONNIE YEN and MICHELLE YEOH were absent at the event due to their commitment on other projects.

11217562_1699073280328781_4187479197948701580_n  12011321_10152939613241571_1524502388135096313_n 12006193_1699073273662115_3257726017703255153_n

‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: The Green Legend’ is set to be released on February 26th, 2016 simultaneously on Netflix and IMAX!

UDPATE: With just over one month left before its initial release date (August 28th) and no marketing whatsoever, it is not surprising that we have to wait a little bit longer to see DONNIE YEN’s reunion with director YUEN WOO PING. According to VULTURE ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2’ have been pushed back to the first quarter of 2016. Patience is a virtue…



UPDATE: Check out these NEW on-set images of VERONICA NGO with her fellow cast and crew!

ngo-thanh-van-ngoa-ho-tang-lon-2715-5306-1422669419(Veronica Ngo & Donnie Yen)

ngo-thanh-van-ngoa-ho-tang-lon-4662-3308-1422669419(Veronica Ngo & Harry Shum Jr.)

ngo-thanh-van-ngoa-ho-tang-lon-1300-4449-1422669419(Veronica Ngo & Director Yuen Woo Ping)

ngo-thanh-van-ngoa-ho-tang-lon-9683-8937-1422669419(Veronica Ngo & 2nd Unit Director Charlie Nguyen)

ngo-thanh-van-ngoa-ho-tang-lon-8821-8908-1422669419 ngo-thanh-van-ngoa-ho-tang-lon-5160-2377-1422669419 ngo-thanh-van-ngoa-ho-tang-lon-6672-7424-1422669419 ngo-thanh-van-ngoa-ho-tang-lon-2325-5825-1422669419

SOURCE: NgoiSao.net

UPDATE: Vietnamese superstar VERONICA NGO aka NGO THANH VAN (The Rebel, Clash) is confirmed to play the role of ‘Mantis’ in CTHD2!


This will serve as a mini reunion of sorts as CHARLIE NGUYEN (who is serving as the 2nd unit director on CTHD2) have worked with Veronica on 2007’s ‘The Rebel’. Veronica will also be reunited with ROGER YUAN (who is portraying ‘Iron Crow’), her co-star in last year’s action fantasy ‘Once Upon A Time In Vietnam’.

We have no idea how big her role is, but for Veronica to land a gig in an international film of this caliber is amazing news! We can not wait for the rest of the world (outside of Vietnam) to finally see what she’s capable of! Check out a sample below of a fight scene from ‘The Rebel’ and you will see.

SOURCE: City On Fire

UPDATE: More bad news, looks like AMC have joined Regal and Cinemark in refusing to show ‘Crouching Tiger 2’ on their IMAX screens.

SOURCE: Deadline

UPDATE: Uh oh. Major theater chains REGAL and CINEMARK says they are NOT interested in showing CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON 2: THE GREEN LEGEND on their IMAX screens.

Regal spokesman Russ Nunley said, “While a home video release may be simultaneously performing in certain IMAX locations, at Regal we will not participate in an experiment where you can see the same product on screens varying from three stories tall to 3-inch wide on a smart phone. We believe the choice for truly enjoying a magnificent movie is clear.”

Cinemark spokesman James Meredith echoed Regal’s sentiments: “Cinemark does not play day-and-date movie releases on any of our screens including the IMAX screens that we operate.”

This spells bad news. The studio better hope AMC do not follow the same path or else ‘Crouching Tiger 2’ is doomed in trying to reach major audiences. Teaming up with NETFLIX might have just backfired.

Stay tuned for more updates.

SOURCE: Comingsoon.net

THE WEINSTEIN CO. have reached a deal to team up with NETFLIX to officially release CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON 2: THE GREEN LEGEND simultaneously on Netflix and in IMAX theaters on August 28, 2015!

As viewers, you will now have the choice to watch the epic sequel on the big screen or in the comfort of your own home on opening day.



Based on the fifth book “Silver Vase, Iron Knight”, ‘Crouching Tiger 2’ stars MICHELLE YEOH, who is set to reprise her role as ‘Yu Shu-Lien’ and reunite with her WING CHUN co-star DONNIE YEN (pictured above) and director YUEN WOO PING (True Legend). 2nd unit directing duties will be handled by Vietnamese director CHARLIE NGUYEN (The Rebel).


Filmed entirely in English with production currently shooting on location in New Zealand, the film also co-stars JASON SCOTT LEE (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story), HARRY SHUM JR. (TV’s Glee), and ROGER YUAN (Once Upon A Time In Vietnam).

Stay tuned for more updates!

SOURCE: Variety




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