After 27 years, martial arts legend Donnie Yen (Ip Man franchise) is set to star in his first TV series since Fist of Fury (1995). In addition to starring as the lead, Yen will also serve as showrunner and action choreographer of Outright Loser, Hidden Master, a series described as  “a reinvention of the martial arts genre in a never-before-seen universe”.

The series follows Yen as an Asian American martial artist who, after noticing that some ordinary folks in Hong Kong are actually kung fu masters, discovers that martial artists have been passing down their lineage through imprinting their memories and martial art skills onto strangers’ bodies.

This will be one of the first project under Changin’ Pictures, a new production company launched by filmmaker Peter Chan, who directed Yen in 2011’s Wu Xia. Changin’ Pictures’ goal is to be a production hub supplying premium content to streaming players.

Negotiations are also underway for Yen to direct some of the series episodes.

“Infinite possibilities can be found when filmmakers share the same vision. I am excited to be partnering with Peter Chan and am confident that together we can elevate materials to the very next level,” said Yen.

Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Variety Deadline



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