Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan) is set to take the lead in the Holiday actioner The Guns of Christmas Past.

Directed by Xavier Gens (Gangs of London) with a script written Andrew Hilton (Fatal Trust), the film is described as “A Christmas Carol meets John Wick“ and follows Schreiber as Ebb, a former hitman for the mob, brought out from hiding when his former best friend and partner is killed. Ebb penetrates the compound of his enemy to exact revenge but the ghosts of past, present and future all arrive to thwart his plans.  

The project is being produced by Navid McIlhargey and Erik Olsen along with XYZ Films.

“Coming from XYZ, and given our experience delivering a fresh approach to action through such films as our Raid franchise, we see this as an action franchise vehicle akin to the breakout film Nobody, which was an enormous success,” said XYZ Films.

Production on The Guns of Christmas Past will start rolling later this year.

SOURCE: Deadline



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