UPDATE: After nearly 3 years, the Vietnamese actioner The Foggy Mountain is now available stateside on streaming service Hi-YAH!

Synopsis: In order to raise money for his wife’s medical treatment, professional martial artist Phi competes in a series of increasingly brutal prize fights in nearby villages. However, after winning his final match, he runs afoul of powerful crime lord Ba Rau, who ruthlessly retaliates in a cruel attack on Phi’s wife. Blinded by grief and rage, Phi vows revenge and tracks Ba Rau across Vietnam—right into the heart of a criminal enterprise that has been terrorizing local villagers for years.

UPDATE: The full Trailer is here!

Check out the Teaser Trailer for the upcoming Vietnamese actioner Đỉnh Mù Sương aka The Foggy Mountain.

Directed by Phan Anh, the film stars real life Wing Chun practitioner Peter Pham as a fearless fighter who “is back and out for revenge when his blinded wife is murdered.” Pham is joined by Thai martial arts star Simon Kook, who is best known for throwing it down with Donnie Yen in 2015’s Ip Man 3. Also featured in the film is WBA Asia Boxing Champion and Sea Games Boxing Gold Medalist Truong Dinh Hoang.

The Foggy Mountain opens in Vietnam July 24, 2020.



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