From filmmaker Adrian Castro (Tiger Cops) comes a commercial for Drunken Chicken paying homage to the golden age of Kung Fu cinema and the grindhouse exploitation films of the 1970s. Tipping the hat at Shaw Brothers films and the classic Drunken Master (1979). The ad features two employees in a 70s dive cinema fighting it out over the “New Flavor” Drunken Chicken.

The extended ad is a faux commercial advertising a muscle meal, the brainchild of Producer Richard Patterson who founded The Welcome Stranger, marketing production studio specializing in out of the box advertising and creative content. The idea behind the ad was to bring focus to the company showcasing the one stop shop the company provides, from building sets to CGI, bringing a new flavor to marketing with an Australian flare.

Teaming up with action director Castro, the ad sees James Hoang Tien Nguyen (Hitgirls), who also co-choreographed the fight scenes, facing off against newcomer to the Hong Kong action genre Jazlyn Gabriel who jumped at the chance to do some old school kung fu fight scenes. Rounding out the cast is Oliver Damien who plays the legendary Beggar So.



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