Last December international action star Don Lee (Badland Hunters) posted on Instagram a concept poster for a project called Non Stop featuring himself alongside martial arts legends Iko Uwais (Expend4bles), Tony Jaa (Expend4bles) and Jet Li (League of Gods).

There were a lot of doubts regarding the project because Jet Li retired from physically demanding roles due to his hyperthyroidism diagnosis in 2010. Since then, Li only starred in minor roles in such films as Mulan (2020) and League Of Gods (2016).

Rumors also circulated that Non Stop may even be an animated movie.

Don Lee recently spoke to Variety about his incoming projects and seemingly confirmed that Non Stop is in development.

“I still have a project left for Marvel. Also ‘The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil,’ which I’m remaking with Sylvester Stallone. And then I’m getting ready for something called ‘Non Stop,’ which is an actual franchise where Asian martial art actors [‘The Raid’ star] Iko Uwais, [‘Ong Bak’ star Tony Jaa] and Jet Li – get together in one movie,” says Lee.

No further details has been confirmed. Stay tuned!

SOURCE: Variety




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