TIGER COP 1 & 2 stars martial artist MARIA TRAN channeling her inner ‘Cynthia Khan’/’Moon Lee’ with awesome fight choreography by TRUNG LY (Hit Girls, Fist of the Dragon).

Check out the trailer below:

This mini project is intended as a homage to 80s martial arts films ala ‘Tiger Cage’ & ‘In The Line Of Duty’. From the music to the sound effects, director ADRIAN CASTRO absolutely nails the look and feel of the classic genre.


Here is what star Maria Tran had to say about the genre that inspired this project:

“I grew up watching my favorite action on-screen heroines such as Cynthia Rothrock, Michelle Yeoh and of course Moon Lee. Women don’t pursue the martial arts action film genre with vigor like they use to but I hope to be the next generation that continues the legacy that was forged and showcase the strength in women in the film industry. I hope these clips will generate an online audience and ideally, if it can reach out to a supporter who may back up Tiger Cop as either a feature or web series“.

So if you dig the trailers, please SHARE and spread the words so TIGER COP can potentially become an actual feature film or web series!

Till next time, I’m gonna go pop my copy of ‘Tiger Cage 2’ into the DVD player now.

SOURCE: Asian Movie Pulse



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