TONY JAA recently shared a new image of himself in costume from the set of SPL 2 on his Official Facebook Page. 10150539_731776993534110_9093900563612842133_n Director SOI CHEANG (The Monkey King) will be at the helm for SPL 2, while the original director WILSON YIP, will serve as producer. No plot details have been revealed, but it is rumored to be a prequel and is set to star WU JING, SIMON YAM, and MAX ZHANG alongside Tony Jaa. There is currently no words on DONNIE YEN or SAMMO HUNG returning this time around. This is a real shame because a YEN vs JAA on-screen match up would have been unbelievable. UPDATE: MORE New images shared by TONY JAA featuring WU JING, SIMON YAM, and the rest of the film crew. 10153882_1488854537997276_1224316293965866696_n 10257996_1488937297989000_2621488721567646729_n

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