BOLO YEUNG (Bloodsport) makes his on-screen return in the trailer for THE WHOLE WORLD AT OUR FEET!

SYNOPSIS: Only one lusted glance induced a whole range of events which, like a shot would plunge a young lady ‘Aliya’ into a criminal abyss. But even in that vortex of flame and passion standing on the rocks, at the death’s door she had the only bailout remained which was her true love. It was crucial at that moment to endeavor a lot in order to preserve the honor and dignity and at that point the whole world would be at your feet!

Bolo stars alongside ARMAND ASSANTE (Judge Dredd), CARY-HIROYUKI TAGAWA (Mortal Kombat), MICHAEL MADSON (Kill Bill), DON ‘THE DRAGON’ WILSON (The Martial Arts Kid), and the late PETER O’TOOLE (Troy).



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