From the cult-classic ‘Drive’ to throwing it down with Jet Li in ‘Cradle 2 The Grave’ and battling alongside ‘Hydra’ in TV’s ‘Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, martial arts star MARK DACASCOS have quite a resume. He is ready to add to that with the action thriller BREACH.


The Philippines production will be directed by PEDRING LOPEZ (Nilalang) with action choreography by SONNY SISON (Olympus Has Fallen), who reunites with Dacascos after working together on ‘Showdown In Manila’.

Lopez stated: “We’re now gearing up, and are already very thrilled about Breach, since it’s my first international film. This is also my second film with veteran stunt director, Sonny Sison and Pao Orendain, my DP – we’re still busy casting for Chinese actors but 2017 will be a big, busy year for us, for sure!”

Stay tuned for more details!

SOURCE: Impact



  1. So glad for Marc that he finally get some roles in movies again. Marc is really one of the most underrated MA actors in the world. He should have been big in the nineties, instead of always getting roles in B-movies or supporting roles as villains. One of the nicest guys around, but probably born in the wrong country. Would have been a lot more appreciated in Asia I think. He’s got a bit of the same background as my other favourite Donnie Yen. Both with well known Martial Art Grandmasters, as one of their parents, and also born into families of musicians. Marc was one of the best MA actors in the nineties with fantastic roles in Crying Freeman, Drive, Brotherhood of the Wolves, Only the Strong, Kickboxer 5 for instance and also the lovely TV-series, The Crow. Wish him all the best with his new movies. I think there’s another one upcoming also.
    Mona from Sweden


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