UPDATE: GONG SHOU DAO is officially released!

UPDATE: Plot details has emerged via JET LI’s Official Website revealing that GSD is “a story about Taiji: One day, Master Jack Ma was walking down the street, suddenly he saw “Huashan” hiding between the green grass. He closed his eyes and hence the duel with different martial arts masters begins”.

The 20 minute short film is intended to introduce the world to competitive sports “Gong Shou Dao” with a goal to get Taiji to be a part of the Olympic Games in the near future.

Regarding his character, Li stated: “I can only say that my role is a custodian monk. I will leave the rest as a surprise once the film premieres. I will also say that this film represents our fruits of labor for the past six years. Jack (Ma) and I are both very happy to see that it is finally going to be introduced to the world.”

UPDATE: JET LI shed some light on how this special project came about via his Facebook page:

GONG SHOU DAO is set to premiere on November 12th!

UPDATE: Looks like JACK MA will test his Taiji skills against TONY JAA’s Muay Thai in GSD!

UPDATE: JET LI just posted the first banner Poster on his Facebook page with the caption: “On That Night…While We Dream.” This picture just posted by my good friend Jack Ma on his Weibo Homepage. Something big is happening soon!”

From left to right: JET LI, NATASHA LIU BORDIZZO (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny), Olympic Boxing Champion ZHOU SHIMING, Sumo Champion ASASHORYU AKINORI, SAMMO HUNG, DONNIE YEN, JACK MA, WU JING, YUEN WOO PING, TONY JAA, TONY CHING SIU-TUNG, and JACKY HEUNG (League Of Gods).

Serving as producer of the short film, Jet Li stated: “We all have the same dream with the aim to promote China’s excellent traditional culture and a tribute to the predecessors in the field of Taiji, kung fu, and martial arts. The timing seems to be perfect and everyone involved in this project were so enthusiastic in making it happen.”

‘GSD’ is set to be release this November via China’s Youku online video platform.

SOURCE: Jet Li Facebook

Rumors swirled last week that martial arts superstars JET LI, DONNIE YEN, and WU JING may have came together to film a secret project. Well, it looks like fan’s wishes has come true as confirmation from Yen himself announcing news that “will shock the world”.

Li, Jing, along with master YUEN WOO PING and JACK MA gathered together recently to celebrate Yen and his wife’s wedding anniversary.

MTime reports that Alibaba founder Jack Ma is responsible for bringing together the trio for the secret project titled GONG SHOU DAO. Not much is known about ‘GSD’ besides the fact that it is a short film.

Lets cross our fingers that this will eventually lead to a feature length movie that fans of the martial arts genre has been dying to see.



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