UPDATE: SPL 2 will be hitting U.S. theaters (as KILLZONE 2) via WELL GO USA on May 13th. Have a look at the U.S. Poster and Trailer below!


UPDATE: Check out the THAI poster for the film which is set for a release in Thailand on September 10th!


UPDATE: The promotion onslaught continues as we get closer to the film’s June 18th release. Here is a new behind-the-scene featurette showcasing NICKY LI’s fight choreography plus the latest set of character posters!

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UPDATE: WU JING is front and center in the newest poster below!


UPDATE: Have a look at the latest explosive trailer below!

June 18th. Mark your calenders!

UPDATE: Brand new set of character posters for SPL 2!


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UPDATE: The music video for the film have been release featuring new footage!

UPDATE: BTS video galore continues!

UPDATE: Another cool behind-the-scene video for SPL 2! (Thanks to CORY JC MC CORMIER for the update.)

UPDATE: Have a look at a behind-the-scene video for SPL 2 plus brand new images! (Thanks to DANNY HO for the update.)

11269236_10152683727651571_4108168883568897820_n 11136647_10152683726276571_5998746958543209742_n 10411298_10152683726221571_5544937382395345564_n 1546112_10152683726256571_2858162383510336220_n

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UPDATE: NEW Banner Poster for SPL 2!


UPDATE: Check out the newest posters for SPL 2!



UPDATE: NEW images featuring TONY JAA, WU JING, and SIMON YAM!


11188363_887646524611535_2724460469776272273_n 11092145_887646531278201_73476499751293816_n 11182184_887646504611537_6382167060060960257_n 549299_1607930116131292_9165451620111885521_n

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SOURCE: SPL 2 Facebook Page

UPDATE: Trailer #2!

UPDATE: Check out this NEW image featuring TONY JAA vs WU JING!


According to the date printed on the image, it looks like the release date have moved up to JUNE 18th!

UPDATE: Forget about that teaser yesterday, here is the glorious FULL trailer to feast your eyes on!

UPDATE: The teaser trailer is here!

This just gave us a LITTLE taste of what we can expect. Good tease, but we want MORE! Stay tuned for the full trailer!

UPDATE: Check out these all new character posters featuring TONY JAA, WU JING, MAX ZHANG, and LOUIS KOO! Expect a trailer soon! Stay tuned!

10409621_422038411302780_373612246190706668_n 10405614_422038447969443_2663019360768056719_n 10989369_422038481302773_2471692674036321094_n 15400_422038531302768_2369438251730483957_n

UPDATE: A release date is set for SPL 2! The film will hit theaters on July 30, 2015! Get ready for the epic showdown between TONY JAA and WU JING!


SOURCE: Asian Movie Pulse

The press conference for SPL 2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES, the prequel to 2005’s Donnie Yen action thriller ‘SPL: Sha Po Lang’, was recently held and attended by the full cast and crew.


Original stars WU JING and SIMON YAM is joined in this prequel by Thai action star TONY JAA (Ong Bak), MAX ZHANG (The Grandmaster), KEN LO (Special ID), and LOUIS KOO (Flashpoint) as the villain.

0614-00282-009b2 0614-00282-009b3 0614-00282-011b1

Original director WILSON YIP (Ip Man) will be producing the film while handing over the directing duties to CHEANG POU-SOI (The Monkey King). The movie will continue filming in Hong Kong and will move to Thailand next month.

Look out for an early 2015 release. I’m still crossing my fingers for a SAMMO HUNG or DONNIE YEN cameo.

SOURCE: HKTopTen, Hollywood Reporter

UPDATE: NEW on set photo featuring WU JING and TONY JAA!


SOURCE: Film Combat Syndicate

UPDATE: NEW on set photo of TONY JAA vs WU JING revealed from Tony Jaa’s Official FB Page!


UPDATE: NEW image of TONY JAA delivering his signature knee to an unlucky fellow was revealed from Tony Jaa’s Official FB Page!






  1. It’s hard to imagine why this is going to be a prequel,especially with both a new hero and a new villain in tow,for only the filmmakers know why,and I really love the addition of the amazing Louis Koo to this film’s cast.

  2. whats the connection to SPL…

    a bit confused

    I know its meant to be a prequel but where is the connection apart from the name?


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