An updated version of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s sci-fi classic UNIVERSAL SOLDIER is coming from RICHARD WENK, the screenwriter of Denzel Washington’s action hit ‘The Equalizer’. Wenk emphasized that this will NOT be a remake or a reboot, but rather a “re-imagining”. He stated:

“I will say that I’m just finishing up a re-imagining — let’s be clear about this, it’s not a remake and it is not a redo — but it is a re-imagining of a movie called Universal Soldier. Very much like ‘The Equalizer,’ it’s the title that inspired me and not the movies…I’m just about to finish (the script) and turn it in this week.” Wenk added, “I had seen the movies and enjoyed them for what they were… but I didn’t see those stories and that world to be relevant today, but I thought that the title Universal Solider and where we’re going in terms of science, and also having something to say about war, would be interesting, so we sort of just took a whole other tact, and [are] hopefully building it to have this great franchise character. One, singular.”

The original 1992 film follows U.S. soldier Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) as he was killed in 1969 during the Vietnam War but was resurrected back to life decades later as part of a classified military project called the “Universal Soldier” program. With no memories intact, Deveraux begins an uphill battle to regain his former humanity.

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