From Wong Fu Productions comes the sci-fi action short Trace starring martial artist Noah Fleder. Fleder is a 3rd degree black belt under the world famous Master Simon Rhee, a 7th Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and 4th Degree in Hapkido. Rhee is best known for his role opposite his real life brother Phillip Rhee in the 1989 classic Best Of The Best.

Synopsis: War and disaster have scarred the world. Still recovering in the shadows, an unlikely hand presents itself to lift us into a brighter future. Artificial intelligence, embodied in our own likeness, has become our greatest ally. While most see the cooperation as promising, others hope to dismantle the human-AI relationship, in fear of losing the reins of world power.

Starring alongside Fleder is Brandon Soo Ho, Brittany Ishibash, Ritesh Rajan and Christopher Troy.



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