UPDATE: The official Trailer for Echo 8 starring Maria Tran, Takashi Hara and David Vuong is here! Visit our Instagram page for a chance to win tickets to a special screening of the film this Saturday, August 26th in Glendale, CA.

Synopsis: A highly trained assassin flashes between a nightmarish dream and her reality at a secret underground organization. When her latest mission involves killing a grieving mother, she discovers her target is closer to home than she realizes—much closer.

Echo 8 is Australia’s female-led independent action movie with women prominent in front and behind the camera as well the fight choreography. The movie was made a month before COVID started and was shot in only 14 days with literally ‘no-budget’. The limited budget of 10,000 AUD ($7,500 US) went to equipment, props & costumes. The all Asian-Australian cast and crew were all volunteers & from the local Western Sydney community.

The film also stars Mike Leeder, Gabrielle Chan, Michael Quan, Eliza Nguyen, Felino Delloso, Joe June and Damien Sato.

Look out for Echo 8 to be release sometime in 2023. Show your support and donate to the Echo 8 Indiegogo Campaign!

SOURCE: Echo 8 Official Facebook

Maria Tran (Tracer aka Truy Sat) is set to make her directorial debut alongside Takashi Hara on the independent action thriller Echo 8 via Tran’s own Phoenix Eye productions.

Principal photography is scheduled to start in Western Sydney, Australia this January. Tran also takes the lead alongside Takashi Hara and David Vuong.

Stay tuned.



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