We got the new poster and trailer for the sequel to 2009’s live-action adaptation of the hit video game ‘Tekken’, TEKKEN 2: KAZUYA’S REVENGE!


The film features KANE KOSUGI (Ninja 2: Shadow Of A Tear) in the lead with GARY DANIELS (The Expendables) and CARY-HIROYUKI TAGAWA (Mortal Kombat) reprising their roles as ‘Bryan Fury’ and ‘Heihachi’. Fight choreography is handled by stuntman BRAHIM ACHABBAKHE, who most recently wrapped working with JOHN SALVITTI’s (Special ID) stunt team in JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME’s upcoming action thriller POUND OF FLESH. (Do not forget to check out our EXCLUSIVE interview with fight choreographer John Salvitti HERE.)

‘Tekken 2’ is set to open on August 21st!

SOURCE: Brahim Achabbakhe’s FB Page




  1. So apparently the first one did so incredibly well that they just had to make this one right? Right? Either way, fingers crossed this out does the original. It was a worthwhile effort that had a lot of material from the game, but this one seems to steer further from that. I hope it turns out alright. Game on!

  2. Hi guys this is suppose to be a prequel of the first film. I think people will be surprised with the action and Kane Kosugi acting and fighting skills…


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