From director Jimmy Henderson (Jailbreak) and writer Gao Yan (Wolf Warrior 2) comes the action thriller The Guardian starring Gu Shangwei (The Prey).

The film follows “Gao Ran (Gu Shangwei), a widowed underdog boxer who throws fights in order to raise his daughter, Coco, while often tangling with her father in law, Lao Ye, who wants custody. When Coco suddenly goes missing, Gao’s unrelenting search unearths a human trafficking network where he will stop at nothing to save Coco once and for all, and he won’t be treading lightly.”

Starring alongside Shangwei are Jailbreak leading man Jean-Paul Ly, Charlie Ruedpokanon (The Driver), Hong Kong veteran Eric Tsang (Golden Job), Waise Lee (A Better Tomorrow) and martial arts star Andy On (Undercover Punch and Gun). Du Jinghai and Dara Bokator (Jailbreak) is handling the action choreography.

Stay tuned.

SOURCE: City On Fire



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