UPDATE: According to City On Fire WELL GO USA will be releasing KUNG FU JUNGLE in U.S. theaters on April 24th! Do not forget to check out our review for the film HERE.


UPDATE: More goodies to feast your eyes on! Here are some new interviews with DONNIE YEN, MICHELLE BAI, and director TEDDY CHEN on KUNG FU JUNGLE. (Thank you to CHI TRUMBO for the updates!)

Red Carpet London Premiere Interview

Interview on BBC World Impact

Interview at the Mayfair Hotel in London by Soo Cole, Ricky Baker and Toby Russell

UPDATE: Here is ANOTHER NEW ‘Making Of’ video to wet your appetite before the official release on October 30th and 31st in Hong Kong and China!

UPDATE: And the goodies keeps on coming! Check out this new ENGLISH promo video for KUNG FU JUNGLE!

UPDATE: Here is another NEW featurette video featuring a behind-the-scene look at the DONNIE YEN vs WANG BAOQIANG fight from KUNG FU JUNGLE!

Reviews have been excellent for the film since its premiere at the LONDON FILM FESTIVAL. Audiences in Hong Kong and China will finally get to see for themselves on October 30th & 31st!

UPDATE: Check out the cool Q&A session with stars DONNIE YEN, MICHELLE BAI, and director TEDDY CHEN from the London premiere of KUNG FU JUNGLE a couple days ago! (Thank you DANNY HO for the update!)

UPDATE: Trailer #3! My gosh…this film is not coming soon enough!!!

UPDATE: Yet another BTS Featurette Video!

UPDATE: NEW Action Featurette BTS Video!

UPDATE: The viral promos keeps pouring in! Check out the behind-the-scenes featurette video and new images from KUNG FU JUNGLE!

kfj pics - 2 kfj pics - 3 kfj pics - 1

SOURCE: Film Combat Syndicate

UPDATE: Brand new Posters and Images from KUNG FU JUNGLE via Twitch Film!

Kung Fu Jungle Pics - 2 KFJ002-thumb-630xauto-50732 KFJ003-thumb-630xauto-50733 KFJ004-thumb-630xauto-50734 KFJ007-thumb-630xauto-50737 KFJ008-thumb-630xauto-50738 0924-00282-022b1

UPDATE: Trailer #2 and NEW official images! (Thanks to DANNY HO and NERA KINGSADA.)

10425417_10152221572496571_6176416152228643621_n 10624913_10152221572541571_4542192178475314166_n 10153733_10152221572461571_4443244782014636568_n

UPDATE: KUNG FU JUNGLE will have its world premiere at the 58th BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL! Stars DONNIE YEN and MICHELLE BAI will be attending the premiere along with director TEDDY CHEN.


“Donnie Yen is a truly exhilarating martial arts star and action director and Kung Fu Jungle is a breathtaking thrill ride, featuring stellar performances from the entire cast,” said festival director Clare Stewart.

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter



Check out these brand new images of DONNIE YEN’s ‘prison fight scene vs 17 inmates’ from KUNG FU JUNGLE! (Thank you to our friend DANNY HO for the images.)



Maybe…just MAYBE, this will top Donnie’s fight from IP MAN vs the 10 Japanese black belts!


‘Kung Fu Jungle’ reunite Donnie with director TEDDY CHEN (Bodyguards & Assassins) and his ‘Iceman’ co-star WANG BAOQIANG. Also look out for special appearances by martial arts stars XING YU (Flashpoint) and FAN SIU WONG (Ip Man).

In addition to being the lead actor, Donnie also handles the fight choreography with longtime friend JOHN SALVITTI (Special ID) and YUEN BUN (The Blade). Do not forget to check out our exclusive interview with John Salvitti HERE.

Watch the explosive trailer below:

‘Kung Fu Jungle’ is set for release on October 31st!



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