From writer/director Daniel Zirilli (Invincible) comes the action thriller Phoenix featuring a number of former UFC and WWE superstars.

WWE diva Natalie Eva Marie (Hard Kill) takes the lead alongside former WWE tag team champion Oleg Prudius, UFC legend Randy Couture (The Expendables), Neal McDonough (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City) and Bai Ling (Locked Down). They are also joined by current Bare Knuckle FC champion Luis “Baboon” Palomino and former UFC superstars Rashad Evans (Locked Down) and Frank Mir in a cameo role.

The film follows on Fiona “Phoenix” Grant (Eva Marie), a U.S. Army veteran Sergeant who is teaching hand-to-hand combat skills in Afghanistan when she receives word that her father, Everett Grant (Couture), a prominent security specialist, has been killed in Florida. The police report says it was suicide, but Fiona doesn’t believe it. Encouraged to take a leave of absence by her commanding officer (McDonough), she heads back to the U.S. and soon learns that the prime suspect is Maxim Vasiliiev (Prudius), a ruthless local drug kingpin with an army of mercenaries and enough legal, political and business influence to keep him outside the law. Armed to the teeth, she plans to take out Vasiliiev with her bare hands, and nothing is going to stop her.  

Martial artist Arnold Chon (Take Back) is the stunt coordinator with Phil Tan (The Commando) taking on a cameo role along with coordinating a fight between himself and Bai Ling versus Eva Marie. 

Phoenix is shot in Miami and Las Vegas.

Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Daniel Zirilli



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