Director Choi Jae-hun (The Swordsman) is back with leading man Jang Hyuk (Tomb of the River) for the South Korean action thriller The Killer.

Synopsis: Ui-kang (Jang Hyuk) is a retired hit man who doesn’t want any trouble. One day, his wife decides to go on vacation with her girlfriend, but before she leaves, asks for one favor from him – to take care of her friend’s 17-year old daughter, Yoon-ji, while they are away. Thinking it should be an easy enough job, he agrees. But Yoon-ji is determined to take advantage of the opportunity and soon gets involved with some bad characters. However, Ui-kang is on the case and saves her life. That is until things get much more complicated — and SERIOUS! Yoon-ji is being targeted and kidnapped by a teenage trafficking unit and Ui-kang is suspected of murder. Determined to keep his promise to his wife, Ui-gang must figure out, and fight through, the many layers involved to get the girl back, safe and sound.

Based on a popular Korean web-novel, the film also features Kpop star Lee Seo-young as Yoon-ji and Bang Eun-Jung (Young Adult Matters).

The Killer hits select U.S. theaters on July 13th.



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